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Exploring Behind the Should Homework Be Banned Concept

Any student may agree and say take home assignments should be banned. Many like the idea of getting rid of homework for good but is it really a good idea? There are schools that already ban such work or they simply choose not to issue it to students. Some schools limit how much work students complete at home. Some say such work is good for students but others dispute it because there are studies supporting theories of negative effects of the work on students. Here are some points to think about related to the idea of banning take home assignments.

Understanding Purpose of Take Home Assignments

When students do homework it is an opportunity to improve personal skills and practice what they’ve learned. Getting practice with new skills learned is important. Few assignments encourage good practice of previous and new skills. Yet, such work can be known as extra credit when working to improve or maintain grades. Educators may have additional reasons behind the purpose especially when assignments play an important role in the learning curriculum of a subject. Some realize there are benefits of homework assignments when they lead to good grades.

Researching Why Some Districts Got Rid of It

Few districts continue exploring the idea but others have done it while being pleased with the results. There are districts that changed their educational format to include no homework assignments for students. Many feel a positive change has been observed among students and teachers. Students have one less task to worry about and teachers can spend more time in class working with students directly. There are issues with funding and ways to reduce additional costs that may factor into why some districts no longer issue take home assignments.

Should the Concept Really Be Banned?

Understanding whether take home papers should be omitted depends on who you ask. The importance of homework has its strong points. Parents may dislike the idea if they feel their child will lose out on another learning opportunity that could improve their skills. Teachers may like it because it is one less task to do, but some teachers may have concerns for students that could use it to improve their grades. When considering doing school homework access why it is assigned and who benefits from the work. Education regulations may not require such work if students are getting required classroom time as stated for each course or subject. Students are likely the first to agree it should be done away with for good.

When you consider why is homework important there are things to review that include how students benefit. Helping students improve and practice their skills is important. Some say take home papers helps do this, but others feel because of technology advancements it may be a losing battle to get students to complete written tasks outside of the classroom. Districts that already got rid of the concept feel their students are better off and enjoy less pressure and stress.


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